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Avengers: Endgame

Part of the journey is the end.
Avengers: Endgame
After the devastating events of Avengers: Infinity War, the universe is in ruins due to the efforts of the Mad Titan, Thanos. With the help of remaining allies, the Avengers must assemble once more in order to undo Thanos' actions and restore order to the universe once and for all, no matter what consequences may be in store.
Title Avengers: Endgame
Release Date 2019-04-24
Genres Adventure Science Fiction Action
Production Companies Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios
Production Countries United States of America


The epic Marvel Saga that started over ten years ago has been building up to the inevitable clash with the powerful tyrant Thanos (Josh Brolin). Last year’s “Avengers: Infinity War” set the stage for the highly-anticipated conclusion; “Avengers: End Game” and at long last it has arrived. Picking up shortly after the events of the last film, the Avengers must deal with the aftermath of what Thanos has done. The team is naturally divided between wanting revenge, wanting to set things right, and just wanting to take what they have and go on. As time passes and they struggle to accept the reality of their situation; an unexpected individual returns and with them comes the seeds of a new plan to make things right. Naturally Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is skeptical but eventually warms to the possibilities of the idea thanks to a new scientific breakthrough that makes it possible. Inspired, Tony sets out to put an elaborate plan in motion that will allow the team to try to fix things and to stop Thanos once and for all. What follows is an extended and at times nostalgic heist where various members of the team work to assemble the pieces needed for the plan as they believe they only have one chance to make things right. The film is essentially three acts in one. The first deals with the recap and expansion of their situation and the planning. The second act is basically a heist where action and comedy are blended with some touching moments. This all leads to the final act which is the FX laden set piece where the ensemble cast gathers to fight the forces of evil in a battle to save the Universe. The film is epic in scale and length as it clocks in at over three hours but the movie is filled with so much content that the time goes by quickly and you have a hard time believing three hours have elapsed. It is also a difficult film to review as you cannot recap elements of the film in any great detail without giving away elements that are sure to delight the fans. Suffice it to say that my only real issue with the fil and it was minor; was that it took a while to get to the action but at least there was plenty to keep you entertained along the way. As this phase of the Marvel Film Universe winds down and plans are put in place for the next five years; “Avengers: End Game” is a satisfying conclusion to the epic saga that was started many years ago and weaves elements of many of the past Marvel films into an entertaining tale which features all of the best elements that have made the series of films such big hits. 4.5 stars out of 5
Hey, so, just some really quick thoughts I wanna get down, 'cause it's after 1 o'clock in the morning, and I wanna get some sleep so I can wake up well rested to see _Endgame_ again. Putting it out there right from the get-go, _Avengers: Endgame_ is my favourite MCU movie. It's my favourite movie of the year too, but I've only seen like ten or so 2019 releases, and this is the 22nd Marvel Cinematic Universe film, so that seems far and away the bigger deal. I can't say it's perfect, there's some conflicting stuff within its own runtime that really doesn't seem to gel (though a re-watch may prove me wrong on that), and it's not like every moment was the no-holds-barred-zero-exception best version of that moment from start to end. But God I loved this thing. I will say this though, the reason that I loved it, is this thing is fan service galore. If you do not care for the franchise's 21 movies preceding this point, then _Endgame_ is not the movie to turn you around on that. That may come in a future installment, but this one is a culmination. It's the end of _Infinity War_ but also Phase 3, but also a wrap-up and genuine ode to/send off for everything that Marvel has done over the past 11 years. That to me was incredible, and I am eternally greatful, but I cannot imagine it working for people who have no vested interest in these characters. To me though? My first 9 out of 10 rating in **three years**. _Final rating:★★★★½ - Ridiculously strong appeal. I can’t stop thinking about it._

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