Bloody Sites 1990

Criminal Hendro tries to go straight but a former boss puts a hit out on his family. After his wife ends up in the hospital and his young daughter is killed, Hendro sets out for revenge.

Sites Unseen 2002

Sites Unseen is a 3 channel 16mm projection of the Jewish cemetary in Warsaw, a photograph of a great Aunt who died in Treblinka, and my late grandmother eating her morning cornflakes.

Site of Sites 2016

Filmed with irony, the film describes brief moments in the lives of tourists, workers, and local vacationers around the construction of an artificial beach somewhere in the Caribbean.

Sacred Sites: Ireland 2014

Ireland's history is steeped in religion and mystery. Why did its people stop worshipping the earth 5,000 years ago? Did St. Patrick really act alone in converting the Irish to Christianity in the 5th century? Historians, astronomers, and other scientists believe answers to these and other questions lie in the stars. Discover the role that celestial occurrences have played in Irish religious beliefs and practices as we explore ancient hallowed sites and even the heavens above.

Building Sites Bite 1978

This film tells the story of Ronald, an intelligent boy who wants to become an architect or surveyor. His cousins Paul and Jane cannot believe that Ronald has any awareness of building sites. In Paul's imagination, he and his sister set Ronald in a number of typical sites, to see if he can survive the hazards that kill and maim many children each year. Ronald eventually learns the hard way that he did not know as much about building sites as he thought.

20 Sites N Years 2016

Artist Tom Phillips walks us through his ongoing project to photograph the same 20 London locations once a year for the rest of his life.

English Sacred Sites: The Atlantis Connection

Stonehenge. For years it's been the subject of debate. How did it get there and what was its purpose? New scientific evidence suggests that this great archaeological wonder and other megaliths like it have a connection to the lost city of Atlantis. Based on the studies of John Michell, this program travels prehistoric tracks across England that defy the science of the day -- proof that an advanced society skilled in engineering must have existed.

Historic Sites and Resorts Along the Normandy Coast 1938

Travelogue from 1938 of towns and historic sites along the French Normandy coast. Includes footage of castles and churches, village street scene, and small town market places. Footage of the resort towns of Trouville and Deauville with people relaxing on the beach and at the racetrack. Great shot of an exercise class on the beach.

The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas: A Pilgrimage to the Oracle Lake 2007

On this fascinating journey you will explore the caves where the early Buddhist masters achieved enlightenment, enter the monasteries where the early Dalai Lamas and the founders of Buddhism meditated and taught, and - at an altitude of over 16,000 feet - look into the remarkable Oracle Lake where every Dalai Lama has had prophetic visions. Written by Anonymous

Sacred Sites 2016

This docuseries uses scientific breakthroughs and archaeological research to bring new perspectives to some of the most remarkable, but mysterious, religious locations. Each episode focuses on a site, exploring fundamental questions about the landmarks and the people who constructed them. Exploring the sites allows the show to provide insight into the ancient civilizations and how their practices and struggles are reflected in the shrines and temples they constructed.

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